What do Economics and fried chicken have in common?

Fried chicken & French fries

Question: What do Economics and fried chicken have in common?

Answer: Both can be studied at a university.

Fried chicken are very popular in South Korea.  Believe it or not, there is even a university offering courses on fried chicken in South Korea. It is called “Chicken University” (치킨대학)  and is located in Icheon, Gyeonggi. Actually, it is not a regular academic institution like the Seoul National University or the Yonsei University, but is a training and research centre established by the Genesis group (which operates the BBQ franchise fried chicken shops) in 2000.

In the Chicken University, you can learn how to run a fried chicken shop including cooking fried chicken and managerial skills under the “4 nights and 5 days” or  “9 nights and 10 days” program.   There is also a fried chicken museum inside the University.

When you go to South Korea next time, apart from eating the popular fried chicken, you may also visit the Chicken University and even learn how to make fried chicken.

Happy eating and learning! 🙂

Reminder: The next blog post will be published on 1 December 2014.  Watch this space!


Genesis BBQ Group Chicken University web page (in Korean)

环球网,炸鸡也要有文凭 韩国“炸鸡大学” 走红全球新浪教育, 2014-08-13 (in Chinese)

沪江韩语西红柿, 听说过韩国炸鸡大学吗?沪江韩语, 2014-05-01 (in Chinese) – there are interesting photos relating to the Chicken University

Noori, ” Chicken University’ aspires to beat McDonald’s Hamburger Uni“, KoreaBang, 2012-06-16 (in English)

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