Celebrating Blog Anniversary at School Food

Time flies!  Today is the first anniversary of this Korean Culture Blog.  On this first anniversary day, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the readers of my blog, in particular, my blog followers.  Your support is a powerful motivation for my writing.

To celebrate my blog anniversary, I went to the Korean restaurant, School Food (스쿨푸드), at Taikooshing in Hong Kong for lunch.  At School Food, I ate the SPAM Mari II (스팸마리 II) (see photo) which is like gimbap (김밥- Korean rice roll) with the SPAM luncheon meat, cheese and egg.  To me, it is the best mari at School Food and I ate a lot when I studied Korean in Seoul. While I was eating the SPAM Mari today, the good old days in Seoul came back to my memory.  FYI, SPAM is a very popular brand of canned luncheon meat in South Korea and is used as a gift by the Koreans.  You can read more on SPAM as a gift in my blog post dated 10 December 2014 for detail.

School Food is in fact a modern-style fusion type of Korean restaurant offering western-Korean fusion food and is very popular among the younger generation in South Korea. Apart from the various types of mari, it also offers different fusion types of rice, noodles, Korean rice cakes, and Korean fried chicken.  I also like soy carbonara topokki (쏘이까르보나떡볶이) which is Korean rice cakes in sweet creamy carbonara sauce and typical Korean spicy sauce and is also very popular in South Korea.

While visiting Seoul, you may visit School Food and try the Korean fusion food there. There is one branch in Myeongdong which is conveniently located.  It’s a good change after trying the Korean traditional cuisine.  Happy eating! 🙂

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