The Seoul Brand – I Seoul U

Source: Website of Seoul Metropolitan Government

The Seoul Metropolitan Government puts in lots of effort in promoting Seoul.  One of the initiatives is the launch of the new brand for Seoul in October 2015.  You may watch this video for the launching ceremony of the new Seoul brand on 28 October 2015. This brand in fact came from the idea contest held in 2015.  There are three-fold meaning behind this Seoul brand:

  • With “Seoul” between “I” and “U”, Seoul is at the centre of relationships among the people;
  • With “Seoul” between the red dot (which represents passion) and the blue dot (which represents relaxation), Seoul allows everything to exist in harmony with the others; and
  • The Korean-style alphabet “o” is used in the word “Seoul”, which means the coexistence of the Korean culture and the other cultures of the world.  Also, as the shape of the Korean-style alphabet “o” is like that of a traditional Korean door handle, it also has the meaning that you and I knock on the door of Seoul and get into Seoul together.

There are some paintings on the walls of the Seoul Metropolitan Library at the Seoul Plaza using this Seoul brand as the theme.  I have taken some photos on the ones I like and now share with you below in the post.  Enjoy! 🙂













Seoul Brand“, Seoul Metropolitan Government

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