Interesting things in Myeongdong

When you go to Myeongdong in South Korea, it is likely that your main activity is shopping.  However, there are also some interesting things that are worth noting/trying.  Let me share them with you in this post.

Cute cotton candy

20161204_132001120161204_1319381The cotton candy we usually come across has single colour and is in a ball-like shape.  This street stall in Myeongdong sells cotton candy in multiple colours and in different shapes like flower, duck, etc. – I found it very cute.


Rose-shaped ice-cream

20161204_1407121This rose-shaped ice-cream has the strawberry flavour (in pink) as its basic flavour and you can choose to add one or two more flavour(s) like yogurt (in white), chocolate (in brown) and green tea (in green).  The recommended way is to eat it with a spoon instead of just eating it in big mouthfuls.  However, it is so pretty that you may not want to destroy it by eating it!


Cute policeman and policewoman

20161204_1410221There is a policeman and a policewoman who are very cute standing at the entrance of the police station of Myeongdong. This gives me the impression that the police in South Korea are very friendly.

Next time you visit Myeongdong, do try these street food and visit the cute police outside the Myeongdong police station. Enjoy! 🙂


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