Places to go at night in Seoul (Not bars and clubs)

I am not a fan of bars and clubs, but there are still good places to go to at night in Seoul.  The views at night are quite different from the daytime.  Let’s introduce some of these places in this blog post.

Bamdokkaebi Night Market (밤도깨비 야시장)

Bamdokkaebi (밤도깨비) in Korean means “night ghost”.  Like the ghosts, the night market appears at night but disappears during daytime.  In fact, there are various locations for this night market: Yeouido Hangang Park, Banpo Hangang Park, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Cheonggye Stream and Cheonggye Plaza.  For the night market located in Yeouido Hangang Park, Banpo Hangang Park, and Dongdaemum Design Plaza, the opening hours are from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays from March to October.  The opening days and hours are different for Cheonggyecheon (Cheonggye Stream) and Cheonggye Plaza – you can check them out on the night market’s website indicated below.  In the night market, you can taste a variety of food, shop for hand-made products and enjoy the performances. You can get more details by visiting the night market’s website.  You can get a quick introduction and tour of the night market by watching this video.

Banpo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

The Banpo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is a night show of water, music and lights.  The fountain on the Banpo Bridge sends out rainbow-coloured jets of water which dance to the music.  This show lasts for about 20 minutes and operates 4 to 6 times every day from April to October. You can get a glimpse of this show by watching this video.

Seoul City Tour Bus Night Courses

The Seoul City Tour Bus is a convenient and comfortable way to visit different sites. As a solo traveller, I also find it a safe way to travel at night.  There are night courses which cover the Hangang River area and various well-known tourist spots. You can enjoy the colourful lightings of the Seoul city which cannot be seen during daytime. You can get more details by visiting the Seoul City Tour Bus website.

Aiins World (아인스월드)

Aiins World is a theme park with miniature version of famous landmarks of different countries all over the world, e.g., Great Wall of China, Colosseum, Empire State Building, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, etc.  You can really travel around the world within a very short time. Although it is good to visit this theme park during daytime to take photos, personally I think it is better to visit the theme park in the evening when the lightings on the landmark models are on.  The views are really amazing and beautiful.  You can get a glimpse of the night views of Aiins World by watching this video.

Next time you visit Seoul, don’t forget to visit the above places to enjoy the nightlife of Seoul.

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