Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Opens

In the past, you didn’t need to check the terminal for departure from the Incheon Airport in South Korea as there was only one terminal. Starting from 18 January 2018, with the opening of Terminal 2 of the Incheon Airport, you should double-check the terminal before getting off the train or bus when going to the airport. In this blog post, let’s talk about this new terminal.

At Terminal 2, apart from food courts and restaurants, there are exhibition halls and an observatory deck. Smart technologies are employed for self check-in, immigration, customs and boarding gates enabling passengers to be ready for boarding in half an hour. There are 62 self check-in machines at Terminal 2 (representing 3.44 units per 1 million visitors) vs 92 units at Terminal 1 (representing only 1.7 units per 1 million visitors due to the larger number of travellers). There is also an all-inclusive transportation center at Terminal 2 enabling the passengers to take buses, subways, and KTX trains from indoors.

Currently, Terminal 2 is used by only four airlines, namely, Korean Air, KLM, Air France and Delta. If you are taking the Korean Air which is a popular airline for tourists, you should ensure that you go to Terminal 2 instead of Terminal 1. If you are taking airlines other than these four airlines, you should go to Terminal 1.  If you get off at the wrong terminal, you can still go to the right terminal by taking the free shuttle bus connecting Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.  The free shuttle bus departs from each terminal every 5 minutes and it takes about 15-18 minutes to go from one terminal to the other.  Also, you can get an “I’m late Card” at the Information Desk and the card will give you priority at customs after checking in at the right terminal.

You can have a glimpse of the new Terminal 2 by watching this video.

Next time you go to Seoul, please do remember to check the departure terminal before getting off the bus or train.

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