A Taste of Art in Seoul

Seoul is well-known for art galleries but you can get a taste of art in other venues in Seoul as well.  Let’s talk about two interesting venues in this blog post.

L’atelier 라뜰리에

This is an interactive art museum in which you can enjoy the 19th century paintings by impressionist artists (e.g., Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, etc.) in an interactive manner. In some of the paintings, the characters can move or even chat with the visitors (in Korean).  The museum has also re-created the scenes of five famous paintings for you to take pictures so that you can get a a feel of the atmosphere and also become part of the paintings.  There are also other attractions like musical entitled Van Gogh’s Dream, hologram talk show on the mystery surrounding the death of Van Gogh, and media art show depicting Monet’s paintings. You may watch this video for an introduction of this interesting art museum. You can also visit L’atelier’s website for further information.

This art museum is near Hyundai City Outlet in Dongdaemum which can be accessed from Exit 8 of the Dongdaemum subway station.

Starfield Library (별마당도서관)

I have talked about this open library in Coex Mall in my blog post dated 18 June 2017. Apart from books, seminars and performances, from time to time, there are also some art objects on display in this library.  Currently, there is an art exhibition entitled “Wonderland” by Mike Stilkey, an American artist known for his book sculpture paintings. The most notable art objects are three 9-meter tall paintings on walls made out of used books.  As it is near X’mas, you can find snowman and reindeer in the paintings.  There are also smaller paintings on used books on the desks displaying the books. You may watch this video to get some background information of this exhibition.

Even if you are not an art expert, you can still enjoy a taste of art in the above two venues.  So, if you are in Seoul, please don’t forget to visit them.

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