Embark on a New Journey in 2023

I’m happy to let you know that I have been appointed as 2023 K-influencer and Korea.net Honorary Reporter. For those who may not be familiar with these programs, let me do a brief introduction in this blog post.

Global Korean Culture Ambassadors

The Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism runs two programs, the K-influencer Academy and the Korea.net Honorary Reporter, aiming to promote Korea worldwide. Global Korean Culture Ambassadors are chosen annually from different countries, with over 1,900 K-influencers and over 4,500 Honorary Reporters currently recruited. So, it’s really a big network of Korean culture lovers. As an ambassador, my role is to promote Korean culture in my own community and beyond.

K-influencer Academy

The K-influencer Academy is a YouTube training program for Korea lovers aimed at supporting Korea lovers to be better YouTube creators for Korean culture-related content. For 2023, the program runs from May to October and there are educational videos, missions, rewards, and workshops. The benefits of the program for outstanding activities include a trip to Korea for the most outstanding content creator, opportunities to be on TV and YouTube content, participation in online and offline festivals, YouTube channel consulting and promotional marketing, access to filming equipment and studio, and funding for content production.

Korea.net Honorary Reporters

For Honorary Reporters, the appointment is for one year from May, and reporters create content related to Korea in the form of articles, photos, videos, or illustrations. The Honorary Reporters can take part in online and offline events hosted by KOCIS and related organizations, and attend development programs provided by KOCIS. Small honorariums or gifts will also be provided to those who produce superior work.

I would recommend readers subscribing to the YouTube channels of K-influencer Academy and Korea.net, where they can get more information on the programs and other interesting and helpful content related to Korean culture. The links to the YouTube channels are set out below:

K-influencer Academy YouTube Channel

Korea.net YouTube Channel

2023 Global Korean Culture Ambassadors Induction Ceremony

The 2023 Global Korean Culture Ambassadors Induction Ceremony has already been held on May 19th in Seoul, and this year’s slogan is “Beyond the K”. I attended the ceremony via the live broadcast on Korea.net’s YouTube channel. It’s great to virtually meet the other ambassadors and play the quiz game via live chat with other participants. You can watch the recorded live broadcast in the link below:

2023 Global Korean Culture Ambassadors Induction Ceremony

My YouTube Channel : Kalbi – Korean Culture Village

I will upload videos related to my activities as K-influencer and Honorary Reporter to my newly established YouTube channel . There will also be other videos relating to Korean culture. So, if you’re interested in following my journey as K-influencer and Honorary Reporter and/or interesting things about Korean culture, please subscribe to my YouTube channel with the link below:

Kalbi – Korean Culture Village YouTube Channel

I really look forward to the exciting new journey as K-influencer and Honorary Reporter ahead. 😃

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