Trends associated with individualism in South Korea

You may have heard a lot about the group mentality among Koreans which is heavily influenced by Confucianism.  However, recently, there has been a rise of individualism in the Korean society, especially among the younger generations.  There is an increasing number of people in South Korea who live alone and do a lot of activities alone, e.g., eating out, drinking, watching movies, etc.  In my blog post dated 12 March 2017, I have talked about the rise of solo economy which is associated with individualism. In this blog post, let’s talk about two more trends associated with individualism in South Korea.

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Other Lego-related stuff in South Korea

**Last updated on: 15 October 2020**

Apart from “The Art of the Brick” exhibition for Lego artworks (in my blog post dated 19 November 2017) and the Lego jelly blocks (in my blog post dated 4 June 2017), there are also other Lego-related stuff in South Korea which you can try out. Let’s talk about them in this blog post.

Block Burger

There is a small burger shop called Block Burger near Exit 9 of the Hongdae subway station in Seoul selling Lego-brick-like burgers.  As shown in the photos above, this shop sells three types of burgers, namely, bulgogi (beef) burger (in black colour), cheese burger (in yellow colour) and shrimp burger (in pink colour). There is a big Lego figure welcoming guests at the entrance of the shop. Both at the entrance and inside the shop, the decorations are also in the form of Lego bricks.  You can order a burger set which comes with french fries and coke.

Get & Show Cafe

While enjoying nice drinks (and maybe also cake) in a cafe, usually what else do you do?  Maybe reading a book or listening to music or watching a drama.  In Get & Show Cafe, you can rent and play with a Lego kit while having drinks and desserts in the cafe. Also, there are many Lego merchandise and kits which you can purchase and different Lego decorations in the cafe. This cafe is near Exit 5 of Hapjeong subway station in Seoul.  There is also the Brick Cafe next door but you need to purchase the Lego kits before you can assemble them in the cafe.

Lego Store

If you really want to go on a buying spree for Lego merchandise, you can go to the Lego Store at the Hyundai Department Store Pangyo branch.  This is the first store officially certified by the Lego Group.  This store has a “Pick-A-Brick” zone where you can pick your favourite colours and shapes of single Lego pieces. You can have a quick tour of this Lego store by watching this video.

Next time you go to South Korea, you can try out the Lego-related stuff there.  Even if I’m not a Lego fan, I also found them interesting.  Enjoy! 🙂

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Something unique to South Korea

I’m just back to Hong Kong from a short trip to Seoul.  When travelling to another country, you may discover the local version of something that is sold only in that country – South Korea is no exception.  During my trip to Seoul, I discovered something that is unique to South Korea – let’s share them in this post. Continue reading

Let’s try the sweet treats in Seoul!

If you have a sweet tooth, you will surely like South Korea.  Koreans love desserts so you can find a lot of desserts cafes in South Korea.  In this post, let me talk about some dessert cafes in Seoul which offer sweet treats good for both your eyes and taste buds. Continue reading

Interesting things about Insadong in Seoul

If you have visited Seoul before, it is very likely that you have already gone to Insadong (인사동) since it is a popular tourist spot well-known for traditional Korean arts & crafts, workshops, galleries, restaurants and tea houses, some of them are housed in remodeled hanoks (i.e., the traditional Korean-style houses).  When I studied Korean in Seoul, Insadong was one of my favourite places for spending my weekends in a relaxing way – I liked to read books while having the traditional Korean tea in one of the tea houses there.  Let me share some interesting things about Insadong in this post. Continue reading

Let’s go eating in Korea’s specialty food streets!

Today, I would like to write about something that the readers and I like very much – Korean food.  I have previously written a post on Korea’s specialty markets, which specialize in certain types of products.  In this post, let me talk about some specialty food streets in Seoul which specialize in certain types of Korean food.  These food streets are conveniently located and are within 5-15 minutes walk from the subway stations. Continue reading

Celebrating Blog Second Anniversary at School Food

Jokbal (pig trotters) eaten at School Food in HK
Jokbal (pig’s trotters) served at School Food in HK

Time flies –  today is the second anniversary of this Korean Culture Blog!  I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the readers of my blog, in particular, my blog followers, for the support.  Like what I did on the first anniversary (as mentioned in my post on this blog’s first anniversary), I went to the Korean restaurant, School Food (스쿨푸드), at Taikooshing in Hong Kong to celebrate this second anniversary, but this time I tried different food – a modified version of jokbal (족발), the Korean-style pig’s trotters (as shown in the photo above). Continue reading

My favourite Korean street food

One good thing about travelling in Seoul is that even if you do not go into any restaurants, you can still eat delicious food and at a cheap price, too.  I am talking about the street food which are sold in mobile food carts on the street. There are a wide variety of street food you can choose from and the prices range from 500 won to 3,000 won which are good value for money.  While I was studying in Seoul, sometimes I was so full after eating street food that I just skipped my lunch or dinner.  In this post, I will talk about some of my favourite Korean street food – I can’t take spicy food so you may note that the Korean street food introduced in this post are non-spicy. Continue reading