Some interesting tips for dating in South Korea

Photo taken at N Seoul Tower
Photo taken at N Seoul Tower

**Last updated on: 15 October 2020**

I have previously written a post about how to find your boy-friend or girl-friend in South Korea.  In this post, let’s talk about some interesting tips for dating in South Korea. Continue reading

Korean dating culture – How to find your Mr or Miss Right in South Korea?

**Last updated on: 15 October 2020**

After eight blog posts on the Hansik (Korean Food) Series, let’s take a break and change to another topic. After writing the blog post on Korean wedding trends, I have received requests for writing more on the marriage-related topics.  In this blog post, let’s talk about how Koreans find their Mr or Miss Right.  Some of the methods are quite interesting and unique to the Korean culture. Continue reading

Want to work in South Korea? Note these work culture trends…

The Korean drama 미생 (“Misaeng” – Incomplete Life) has become a hit among office workers in South Korea because it reflected the Korean work culture which may be quite different from the western culture.  If you would like to work in South Korea, it is advisable to note the following work culture trends: Continue reading

Want to upgrade your looks? South Korea may be the place to visit…

Koreans are well-known for their obsession with looks.  They believe that looks can affect their employment and marriage prospects significantly.  This may explain why plastic surgery is so common in South Korea. For example, in 2013, the photos of Miss Korea finalists (who all looked very similar) posted on the internet prompted claims that plastic surgery might be the cause.  Students who get admitted to the universities may get double-eyelid surgery procedures as gifts from their parents.

Let’s also look at some statistics. Continue reading

Want a husband who will share household chores? Koreans may not be the choice!

According to a  report from Statistics Korea on the distribution of 6 household chores (including grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking and caring for sick family members) between married couples in 12 different countries for 2014, the participation rate of Korean husbands was significantly lower than that of their European counterparts. Continue reading

Want to marry a Korean? Read the following changing wedding trends first…

South Korea is a country deeply affected by the Confucian culture and the concepts of ‘family’ and ‘patriarchal society’ are important in Koreans’ daily lives.   However, like other countries (e.g., Hong Kong and Japan), the attitudes towards marriage are changing.  Below are some recent changes in marriage trends that are noteworthy: Continue reading

What do the internet and Koreans have in common?

Question: What do the internet and Koreans have in common?

Answer: Both are part of the “ppali ppali” culture.

According to a survey (of 280 foreigners and 344 Koreans) on Korea’s image to the world conducted by the Core Image Communication Institute, both foreigners and Koreans regarded the “ppali ppali” culture as one of the top weaknesses of Koreans. Continue reading