Tiger in Korean Culture

Q: What do the Seoul 1988 Olympics, the FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea 2017 and the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games have in common, apart from the fact that they are hosted in South Korea?

A: They all use tigers as the official mascots.

According to a poll run by the National Institute of Biological Resources, part of the Ministry of Environment, tiger is Koreans’ favourite animal. In fact, tiger has a close connection with the Korean culture – let’s discuss about this in this blog post. Continue reading

Some Interesting Korean Superstitions

Every culture has some superstitious beliefs and the Koreans are no exception.  In my previous posts, I have mentioned some Korean superstitions about house-warming gifts, baby’s first birthday gifts,  gift-giving for exam candidates; gift-giving relating to shoes, handkerchiefs, wallet and red colour; symbols appearing in dreams; and the Pepero biscuit sticks.  In this post, let’s talk more about some popular interesting Korean superstitions which I often heard while studying in South Korea. Continue reading