Hansik (Korean Food) Series -Bulgogi

In the last blog post, I talked about bibimbap which is a hansik eaten by most foreigners.  Another popular hansik among foreigners should be bulgogi (불고기 -grilled meat). Even the U.S. President Barack Obama is known as a big fan of bulgogi and it was said that bulgogi was one of his favourite lunch choices. During President Obama’s state visit to South Korea in 2009, bulgogi was served at the official dinner.  It is also said that bulgogi is the only dish that marinates the meat before it is grilled. Let’s talk about this well-known Korean dish in this blog post. Continue reading

Hansik (Korean Food) Series – Interesting things about Korean food and eating

In South Korea, one of my favourite things is the Korean food – there are a number of Korean foods I really like and for some there are also interesting stories behind them. Further, there are also some interesting things about “eating” in Korean culture. So, I would like to start a series of blog posts on “Hansik” (한식 – Korean food) to talk about interesting things about Korean food and eating in South Korea.  This is the first post in the series – I will talk about some general interesting things about hansik and eating first.  Continue reading