Who is the founder of the Korean nation?

Tomorrow (i.e., 3 October 2016) is the National Foundation Day in South Korea.  This day is also known as Gaecheonjeol (개천절) which literally means “the day on which the Heaven opens”. This day commemorates the opening up of the sky and the descent of Hwangung (환웅) , son of the Lord of Heaven, from Heaven to earth which laid the foundation of the first Korean nation of Gojoseon established by Hwangung’s son, Dangun (단군), in 2333 B.C..  This day has been designated as a national holiday in South Korea since 1909.  The story of the founding of the Korean nation is based on the myth of Dangun in the Samguk Yusa (삼국유사 – Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms). Continue reading