Evolution of K-pop Series – Birth of K-pop to 1940’s

In this blog post, we go back to the very early stages of K-pop and appreciate some older forms of K-pop.  The influence of K-pop developed in this period can still be felt today. In fact, K-pop is a fusion of Korean and foreign (mainly western and Japanese) music forms.  Throughout the history of K-pop, you may notice the influence of foreign music.

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What do Korean Pansori and Homer’s Odyssey have in common?

Question: What do Korean Pansori and Homer’s Odyssey have in common?

Answer: Both of them originated as a form of storytelling oral literature.

Pansori (판소리) is a type of Korean storytelling traditional music performed by a singer and a drummer.  As Pansori began as a form of oral tradition, it is difficult to trace its origin.  However, it is believed that Pansori originated from narrative shaman songs in south-western Korea in the 17th century.  Continue reading