My favourite season – Autumn – is coming to South Korea…

Beautiful autumn is coming to South Korea!

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How is the famous Korean Admiral Yi Sun-shin like David who defeated Goliath?

**Last updated on: 15 October 2020**

Question: How is the famous Korean Admiral Yi Sun-shin (이순신) like David, the shepherd boy who defeated Goliath?

Answer: Like David, Admiral Yi Sun-shin confronted and defeated a giant.

The story about the defeat of the giant, Goliath, by David is well-known.  In South Korea, this summer, the blockbuster movie ‘The Admiral: Roaring Currents’ has reminded people of a similar story about the Korean national hero, Admiral Yi Sun-shin. Continue reading

What do Economics and fried chicken have in common?

Fried chicken & French fries

**Last updated on: 27 April 2023**

Question: What do Economics and fried chicken have in common?

Answer: Both can be studied at a university.

Fried chicken are very popular in South Korea.  Believe it or not, there is even a university offering courses on fried chicken in South Korea. It is called “Chicken University” (치킨대학)  and is located in Icheon, which is about 60 kilometers southeast of central Seoul. Continue reading